Where do I go for help?

We want to be clear on the process and the people who can help with all of your support requests and questions. 

As a Curaytor Community Member & Valued Client - it's important to understand where to turn for help and resources when you need assistance or guidance.  Below is your quick reference guide for "Curaytor Communication" resources:


➡️ For all "technical" issues and/or for basic "how do I" questions or for "feature requests" with respect to both the Chime & Curaytor platforms:

Please reach out by email to: support@curaytor.com

In addition to being your support resource & guide for the Curaytor Platform, we are also your "Chime Ambassadors" and the first line of defense for all Chime questions, issues, & requests.

Our Support Team is also happy to monitor and escalate any requests or technical issues you may need help with, to the Chime Technical, IDX/MLS, or Support Team.


➡️ For Questions About:

  1. Curaytor Marketing, Conversion, or Content Strategy & Coaching

  2. How to best use our strategies and tools in conjunction with your Chime CRM/IDX tools

  3. For ideas or suggestions on how other Curaytor clients are finding success with our platform, strategies, and tools

Your awesome Curaytor Success Manager is your best resource. Your Success Manager is there to help you achieve your goals and realize your highest ROI, with Curaytor tools, product, resources, and strategies. 

➡️ If you need help connecting with your Curaytor Success Manager, please do feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance via email:  support@curaytor.com.