The number of contacts in my CRM doesn't match my Curaytor Blast Audience Lists?

This article will help if you're noticing a discrepancy between the number of leads in your CRM and Curaytor Blast Audience lists.

In your CRM, you must exclude the following from your list to match up with your Curaytor Blast Audiences:

  • Exclude anyone in the pipeline of Trash

  • Exclude anyone with no email

  • Exclude anyone with tags of Unsubscribe or Unsubscribed

You should match up REALLY close, usually within 10-15 people.

This can change due to the number of the list, larger lists may have larger discrepancies. 

💡 PRO TIP:  It's super important to note that if you want to remove contacts from the sync between your CRM and your Curaytor Blast/Audience Tool, please follow this method below:

☑️ NEVER DELETE / ERASE the lead/contact from your CRM.  This will break the sync connection between that contact record in your CRM and your Curaytor Blast audience tool.

☑️  Instead, move them to a "Trash" pipeline or stage and/or add an unsubscribed tag to the lead/contact record.  This will remove them automatically from all of your Curaytor Blast audiences, moving forward.


If you have followed these steps but are still having issues, feel free to contact our Support Team at: