What is the difference between a Plain Text Email Template & a Visual Email Template?

Plain Text Emails vs. Visual Emails

Let's talk about the difference between plain text and visual email templates.

Plain Text Email Templates

Believe it or not, plain text is exactly how it sounds: plain, simple text with little to no enhancements.

This is also the format that most of us are used to. When you open up Gmail or Outlook to sift through your inbox and send an email, you are likely sending a plain text email.

There aren't many custom font options, designs, or colors. Ultimately, there's very little creative freedom.

A plain text email template might look something like this:

Visual Email Templates

On the other hand, visual templates have everything that plain text emails don't.

Think of color, style, images, video, etc.

A great way to think of visual email templates is similar to a page on your website, except it's being delivered to peoples' inboxes rather than living on the web.

Visual email templates will allow you to match your brand and give your recipients a more visually engaging experience.

A visual email template might look something like this:

Our visual email templates are built using Curaytor's latest innovation, the visual editor.

Which one should I use?

In general, plain text emails are better suited for emails that you intend to feel 1 to 1 and personalized. They work best for sales emails, campaigns sent to hot prospects, and timely updates. They are a great way to mimic one-to-one correspondence despite the fact that you're likely sending to a good chunk of your database.

Visual emails are better for marketing, brand building, and newsletter-type email campaigns.

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