Page Objects Overview

Page objects are the building blocks of how a page on your site is designed. Each page consists of 4-5 objects.

At Curaytor, we offer a variety of objects for you to build a page on your site. Pages are made up of multiple objects, most commonly a hero being the first object, followed by 4-5 other objects of your choice, commonly ending with a Call to Action. All of the objects are blank for you to fill in your content.

To access objects, create or edit any page and click “+ Objects” in the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 1.22.28 PM


Each object has its own settings, which can be found once you add the object. Once you add the object to your page, click on the gear icon on that object to edit its settings.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 1.24.15 PM


To delete an object, hover over the object you’d like to delete, and click the “Trash” icon.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 1.24.34 PM