Facebook Mastermind Group Rules

To maintain the integrity of Curaytor's Facebook Mastermind Group, we have a compiled a short list of rules/guidelines we would like all C-Buds to follow.

C-Bud Group Mission


 Mastermind Group Rules

  • The Mastermind Group is not a support channel and is not monitored as such. All bug/support requests should be sent to the Curaytor Support Team (support@curaytor.com) for a quicker resolution. All Support related posts will be recorded and then removed.
  • Please be sure to invite only Team members who are active Agent or Admin members of your Team into our private group.

Please do also let us know if/when someone who is a member of the group, leaves your Team so we can protect value here for our “clients only” community.

  • Examples of appropriate topics for this group:
    • WINS! We love hearing about what is working for you and how you did it
    • Trends in the real estate industry
    • Innovative content to share with others
    • Marketing, lead generation, conversion strategies, & best practices when using the Curaytor platform
  • For referral opportunities: Please post the specific area that relates to the prospect you will be referring, note whether it’s a seller or buyer referral, and provide any details that would help our Agents determine if they are the best fit to accept your referral.
  • Product requests can be discussed in this group but need to be submitted via Support@curaytor.com - or via the “Product Log” Resource in the backend of your Curaytor Platform.
  • Curaytor Admins reserve the right to delete negative comments about the product after appropriate support & outreach has been executed, those who work within the Curaytor organization, or other members of the Curaytor Facebook group.
  • When posting, ask yourself, "How can everyone benefit from this?" We want to ELEVATE the conversations in our community.
  • Please come from a place of contribution, value, knowledge, and insight.  To get the most out of our community don’t be shy, contribute to the conversation. The more you give the community, the more you’ll get out of the community.
  • Please feel free to share/upload resources on our Files Tab. Also be aware that once the resource is shared with the community that it can be downloaded by anyone within the group.

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