How do I introduce myself into the Facebook Mastermind group?

If you're a new client, joining the Mastermind group and being an active participate can be a huge value add to your Curaytor subscription.

The Curaytor Mastermind Group is an exclusive community for Curaytor clients and their teams. This group is intended to connect and empower agents all over the country to dream bigger and accomplish more. This space is used to share strategies, learn from each other, mastermind (no pun intended) and is even an opportunity for referrals, whether giving or receiving.

Here is a template you can use today to engage with other like-minded agents! Simply copy and paste the text below into the Mastermind group and fill in the missing information. 


[Insert short introduction about yourself.]

  • Brokerage: 
  • Role: (broker/owner, marketing admin, ISA, ops manager, etc.)
  • Team structure: (solo agent, small team, large team, brokerage team, brokerage)
  • Location:
  • I'm most interested to learn more about: (lead generation, content marketing, sales strategy, email marketing, etc.)
  • Fun fact about me: