Listing Promotion Service FAQs

This article contains frequently asked questions regarding Curaytor's Listing Promotion service.

What kind of performance can I expect?

With both our Standard and Premium listing promotions, you can expect to reach thousands of people in your market. If your goal is to gain the most exposure possible on multiple platforms while also capturing high-quality leads, we recommend our Premium listing promotion. 

How many leads will I get?

Our Premium listing promotions generate 52 leads on average, while our Standard listing promotions generate 37. Because the Premium listing promotion uses a Facebook lead form, we’re able to capture a lead’s name, email address, phone number, along with qualifying questions. Our Standard offering uses a full registration landing page and captures a lead’s email address and phone number.

How is this different from the listing promotions I’ve been doing?

Our Standard listing promotion is an entirely done-for-you campaign similar to the listing promotions that your CSM is coaching you to do today or that your Marketer is doing for you. Our Premium listing promotion offers omnichannel marketing and advertising campaigns to gain maximum exposure. Both options now come with the ability to add on a custom report for $99 per listing. 

How many listings can I submit?

You can submit as many listings as you would like! Our Standard listing promotion is priced at $149 per listing with a recommended ad spend of $125, and our Premium listing promotion is priced at $249 per listing with a recommended ad spend of $200. 

When should I pick Premium over Standard?

Our Premium listing promotion is for those listings that you want to gain maximum exposure on. You have beautiful professional photos and a listing video that you want the world to see. Perhaps the listing is in an area or price point that you’re hoping to gain more business. Our Premium listing promotion is the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition to impress your current sellers and potential sellers. 

When should I pick Standard over Premium?

At Curaytor, we believe that you should promote every listing you get, but we know that you don’t need “the works” for every listing. Our Standard offering is for any listing that you want to get the word out about but perhaps doesn’t pack the same punch as others. If you don’t have a listing video.

What is the lead source for the Listing Promotion generated leads ?

    Any lead that originally registers through a listing promotion ad will have the source "CuraytorListingPromo".

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