Importing Contact Lists To Chime CRM

Importing Contact Lists To Chime CRM 💯 A well organized database is the foundation for all of your marketing, lead generation, & follow up strategies.

Here below are some tips and resources, as you begin, that you will certainly find useful.

  1. Database Hygiene Tips For CRM - we highly recommend you spend some time organizing and cleaning up your current contact lists, before you import them to your new Chime CRM.

  2. IF you want to "scrub" your CSV file to remove invalid email addresses, a third party tool and service that we recommend for this is NEVERBOUNCE. [There is a charge & required account setup for this tool.]

  3. VIDEO TUTORIAL for importing a csv file spreadsheet into Chime CRM.

  4. Practice CSV file - to review to BE SURE THAT YOUR CSV FILE IS FORMATTED CORRECTLY FOR IMPORT INTO CHIME -- and to use as a test run, before importing your actual contact csv files

  5. PRO TIP #1 : Be sure to open your csv file/spreadsheet to clean up the file and to review and reformat your data/ or headers/data columns, if necessary.

  6. PRO TIP #2: Be sure to remove any columns of data that you do not need, or will never reference in your daily use of your new Chime CRM platform - before importing the list into Chime.

  7. PRO TIP #3: Be sure to remove any special characters [underscores, dashes, colons, exclamation point, etc.] from your column headers, or from the column data. Special characters do not import into Chime and could skew your data if not removed prior to the import.

  8. PRO TIP #4: IF you have your "spouses" contact information combined into one contact record in FUB, the primary contact on that record will be the only contact record that is created when imported to Chime. IF you want each spouse to be receiving your Curaytor email marketing, you will need to do a little clean up and separate spouses to separate contact records in FUB, prior to exporting your data out of FUB for import to Chime.

  9. PRO TIP #5: Be sure that the assigned Agent name column EXACTLY matches the Agent name in their Chime CRM account, or the contacts will not be assigned to the proper agent during the import process.

  10. Data that is NOT exportable from FUB to Chime: Tasks, email history, email templates, action plans, and deals.

  11. How to format a csv file for importing a list of contacts to deploy auto property alerts - with the contact import ➡️ VIDEO HERE

  12. FULL CHIME CONTACT IMPORT ARTICLE from the Chime Help Center.

IF you're importing contacts from Google Contacts ➡️ HERE is a CHIME article that will walk you through that process.