How to Change Nameservers in Go Daddy

Below are the instructions for how to change the GoDaddy nameservers if you would rather change them yourself when your Curaytor site is ready to go live.

This should be done RIGHT before your site is ready to go live, otherwise you run the risk of your site being down for a period of time. Especially if your previous site was using the same domain. 

Step 1: Go to DNS Management Interface

To get started, navigate to the “DNS” dropdown menu and click on “Manage Zones”.


Step 2: Search for Your Domain Name

Next, use the search box to search for your domain name.


Step 3: Add Custom Nameservers to GoDaddy

Select the “Enter my own nameservers (advanced)” option to specify your own custom nameservers.

Step 4: Add Curaytor Nameservers

Nameserver #1:

Nameserver #2: