How do I edit the CTA (call to action) object?

The CTA is one of our most used objects on the platform. It is broken down here to share how to effectively use the object on your Curaytor site.

When looking to incorporate various objects to your site that require some form of call to action at the end, you may want to consider the CTA object.

To find the CTA object, select a page you’d like to edit and click on the +objects in the top right corner.

You’ll find the CTA settings on the left side by clicking on the gear icon located within the object tool bar to edit the object. For each CTA option, you will have the ability to change the background with color or images.

Button CTA

This is the default option that you’ll find throughout your website. This tool is best used to separate content from your site and redirect them somewhere else on your site. You’ll be able to edit the text and the button provided.

Email Subscribe

The email subscribe option allows your audience to subscribe to your email blasts on the Curaytor platform. The subscribe button replaces the CTA button.

Facebook Subscribe

Although the option is here to include a facebook subscribe button, your best option would be to use the Button CTA option so that you’re able to modify the button’s text & color so that it’s consistent with your site.

Button CTA 2

This option is a great alternative to the Button CTA. While you’re still able to replace the image or color background, this object has a white box that will allow you to showcase the text and button separated from the background.

Double CTA

The Double CTA can provide your audience with a split button/content options. To edit each object, you’ll click on the draw icon to manage the split container’s background, text and button. This also contains a separate add image feature which can be helpful when including icons.