How do I advertise a sold listing?

When you sell a home - it's important to get promotional opportunity out of it. We refer to this a Just Sold campaign. 

Developing Ad Copy

  1. Headline = Opportunity + Hook (Just Sold + Highlight of Sale)

  2. Identify the hook. Did you sell the home for over listing/asking price? Over it's online 'guesstimate'? In record time? For highest price in a specific neighborhood?

  3. Call to Action = Clear, concise message 

  4. Embellishment = Reinforce the Headline and CTA

  5. Brevity is key! 

  6. Use white space in between Headline, CTA, Embellishments

  7. Emoji’s = Use sparingly - make relevant to the messaging.  *Use before bitly link

Landing Page

  1. Copy

  2. Paste into the Ad Copy

  3. Delete http://www.

  4. Capitalize the keywords in your domain name.

Adding Photos

  1. Professional, Staged, High Resolution

  2. “Money Shot” Should have Stopping Power(Curb Appeal)

  3. 3-6 ideally for engagement purposes.  

  4. Show Unique Features, Outdoor Spaces.  


  1. Hit The Publish Button - Done!


  1.  Audience = Location + Age
    *Address + (2-3) mile radius  
    *Can use Zip codes if targeting specific neighborhood.

  2. Budget: $5-10 Per Day

  3. Duration: 7-10 Days

  4. No Instagram Share

See Ad Copy example below:

🏡 JUST SOLD 🏡 This Westfield Home Sold For $10,000 Over It's "Guesstimate"

If you're considering selling your home then find out what your home is REALLY worth! ➡ []

Don't be fooled by an online "Guesstimate"

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