How can I use Convert to follow up with leads?

How can I use Convert to follow up with leads? Convert is the new age of sales follow-up that is proven to get you in touch with the people at the right time. 

Following: "We believe in giving a salesperson a reason to call, not a list to call." - Chris Smith

What It Does

Convert allows Sales agents to prospect in real-time, while laser focusing their attention on the most engaged prospects in their database.  

By using on-site activity, IDX activity, and blast marketing engagement/results we give a transparent view of the people that you should follow up with, eliminating the clunkiness and tediousness of a CRM.

How It Works

Log into your Curaytor Account, select the flame icon on the left-hand navigation menu. 

You will see a list of your contacts, with each contact there is a number which we call a Lead Score.  Essentially, the higher the Lead Score, the more engaged that contact is with your brand.

You can also sort your lists by Audience (listed below) or Agent via the drop-down menus on the top right.  Please note that you will need Admin Access to sort by agent, otherwise you will only see the leads assigned to you.  

Chime or FUB (whichever is your primary CRM) is integrated with your Curaytor Platform.
Chime IDX data is integrated with everyone's Curaytor Platform.


  • All

    • Leads That Have Most Recently Engaged
  • Following
    • Leads You Have Deemed Important
  • Trending
    • Leads The Highest Overall Point Total
  • Snoozed
    • Leads You Have Deemed Not Important

Frequently Asked

How Is The Scoring System Outlined?  

Actions are weighted based on a number of factors. These include: 

Email Actions
     • Email Open = 1 point
     • Email Click = 1 point

Page Actions
     • Curaytor Page View = 1 point

• Chime Property Page View = 1 point

Length in Database
     • Less than 7 Days = 1 point
     • Less than 14 Days = 2 points
     • Less than 21 Days = 3 points
     • Less than 30 Days = 4 points
     • Less than 60 Days = 5 points
     • Less than 90 Days = 6 points
     • Less than 180 Days = 7 points
     • Less than 270 Days = 8 points
     • Less than 365 Days = 9 points
     • 365+ Days = 10 points

Stage in Database
     • Lead = 1 point
     • Nurture / Sphere = 3 points
     • Hot Prospect / Past Client / Pending = 10 points

Am I Able To See Everyone's Leads? 

The Convert system allows agents to see only their assigned leads from Chime or Follow Up Boss CRMs unless Admin View is toggled "on" under Accounts > Edit > Convert Settings > Admin View. 

This view is best toggled "on" for Account Owners, Admins, and ISAs. 

Is There a Way to Limit Agent Access?

Yes! When Convert Only is toggled "on" for agents on your team, they will ONLY have access to Convert and not Brain, Create, Advertise, Blast, or even platform settings. Keeping this in mind, you will want to only give Convert Only access to anyone who won't be sending emails or creating content from your Curaytor Platform at all.

This is accessible via Accounts > Edit > Convert Settings > Convert Only.

How Do I Follow Up With Leads?

You should follow up with leads using the same mechanisms you have previously.  

If you have a phone number: Call, then text.
If you don't have a phone number: Send an email.  
*BombBomb is incredibly useful when prospecting.

Do I Still Need Chime or Follow Up Boss CRMs?

Chime or Follow Up Boss CRM is required to connect to the Convert tool in order to pull information about the leads (phone, email, tags).  

However, you no longer need to be logged into multiple technology platforms at once. You are able to pre-call stalk and follow up directly within the Convert tool.

*For notes, and changing tags/sources you can still access your Chime or Follow Up Boss CRM - when appropriate (using the "Open in CRM" function).  

When Do I Follow A Lead?

  1. When you have a conversation with a lead that had a positive outcome and want to stay in touch.  

  2. When you see a lead with high levels of engagement and you want to get in touch.  

When Do I Snooze A Lead?

  1. When you have a conversation with a lead that had a negative outcome and want to stay in touch.  
  2. When you identify a lead with a bad email and bad phone number.