How can I add Google Authorization for landing pages?

Learn how to add the "Continue with Google" option to your Curaytor landing pages and capture more qualified leads, faster!


Google Sign-In is a friction-less, secure way for consumers to enter their contact information into website registrations. This allows businesses to collect the most accurate information from the most popular and trusted email provider, Google.


1)  Make sure you are logged in to a Google email account

If you do not have a Google Workspace account for your business, you can create a basic Gmail account HERE.  You must have a google account in order to install this product.   


2)  In a new tab, go to

3) Log into your Curaytor Platform and head to Settings > Basic Details

  1. Paste the copied Google Client ID to the "Google Client ID" field under "Basic Details" then click Save
  2. Double-check the Google Login option is live by going to your site's homepage and typing /full at the end of the URL