Create more conversations through the FB comment section.

In this article, you will see how to engage with people who comment on your Facebook posts to build connections and social proof.

In order to create more conversion opportunities, you need to have more conversations. A great way to maximize the conversations you have is by engaging with consumers in your comment section.

When Engaging With A Commenter, Follow The Steps Below:

  • Go into your CRM and look for the person. If they’re in your database, look for previous conversations. If you’ve had one, mention it. 
  • Go into your Facebook messages and look for previous conversations to reference as well before you reply.
  • Make sure to Log All Messages(from both parties) in your Database like you would a Text or Phone Call and include the message. 


COMMENT: Consumer is asking for information about the property (price, location, etc.)

  1. LIKE the comment
  2. REPLY(publicly)

    “Thank you for showing interest! I’ll message you now with information!”

  3. MESSAGE (private):
Hi [name], thank you for showing interest in our property! It is listed at [price] / located at [address].  Here is the link for the property again: [Unregistered link]!  Out of curiosity, are you doing research for the future or are you actively looking for a home?

Out of curiosity, what caught your eye about this property? 


COMMENT: A consumer tags someone else in the post

  1. LIKE the comment
  2. REPLY (publicly)  
    1. “Hi [name], thank you for tagging [name]. I’m going to message you now in case you have questions!”
  3. MESSAGE (private)
    1. Hi [Name], thanks for showing some love and tagging [Name]. Out of curiosity, how long have you two been searching for homes?

COMMENT: They complement the home, “Love this” “Gorgeous” “Beautiful Home”

  1. LIKE the comment 
  2. REPLY (public)

     “Thanks [NAME]! What do you love most about this home?!”

  3. MESSAGE (private)   

Wait for 1hr to see if the consumer has responded to your reply.

Hi [name], thanks for showing us love on this property. I’ve noticed that the [feature] caught your eye. What other criteria have you been looking for during your search?

COMMENT: Post information about the property

  1. Hide the comment (the commenter and their friends will still see their comment, but it will be hidden by everyone else)

COMMENT: obscene/vulgar language

  1. Hide the comment then click on the options next to comment and click ban.

COMMENT: Negative comments

  1. LIKE the comment
  2. REPLY (public)

     “Thanks for your insight.  I’ll PM you now with more information.”

  3. MESSAGE (private)

    “Hi [name], thank you for sharing your insight.  I’m happy to share the property page and details with you.  What’s the best email to reach you at?  

  4. Hide the comment