Conversion Code - Buyer Script

Conversion Code - Buyer Script Use the Conversion Code Buyer Script to convert leads effectively! 

You will need to buy legal-sized paper (8.5x14) and print this script on both sides of one sheet. There is a BONUS third page, but you will not need to print multiple copies of that. Only pages one and two should be printed on one page.


Make sure you print out several dozen at a time and have them on your desk while you are dialing.

You want to write on the script as you listen to their responses.

Don't forget you can watch this inside sales coaching where Chris goes through each step, anytime.


The 9 Word Emails
Subject line: Quick Question
For buyers: Are you still buying a home soon?
For sellers: Are you selling your home soon?
For past clients and sphere: Can I buy you coffee this week?
No postscript. No call to action. No "Because we'd love to work with you and we're offering a special rate." None of that. Keep it simple. People will read and respond.