Video Message Blitz - Put a Face to the Name

Earn the right for a reply by making an update to your client's listing alerts.

Video Message Blitz Challenge



Today we’re giving folks a reason to say “thank you”. In his book, Influence Robert Cialdini talked about the principle of reciprocity which is if you give something to someone their natural inclination is to give you something in return. On top of that, communication through email and text is often faceless and lacks a personal touch. We all know that right now t's more important than ever to find ways to build relationships online. For today’s challenge, we’re going to earn the right for a reply by making an update to folks listing alerts on their behalf and then sending a personalized video letting them know what you’ve done for them. This will pull on their instinct to say “thank you” and help make a personal connection by putting a face to the name.  

BombBomb or Loom Video Script 

Hi [Lead Name], I saw that you haven’t been on the website in a little while and typically when that happens it means that you’re not getting relevant listings so I went ahead and updated your listing search to include some different properties that you may be interested in. I’m not sure if this is for you but I wanted to take a moment to put a face to the name and hopefully provide you with as much value as possible. I hope it’s helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Suggested Subject Lines: 

This may not be for you…

Your New Property Alert 🏡

[Video] We hope this helps

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How to Filter this List & Edit a Property Alert


Steps By Step:

  1. Head to the People tab in Chime 
  2. Scroll to Advanced Filters 
  3. Select Lead Type: Buyer 
  4. Select Property Alert: With Property Alert
  5. Property Alert Subscription: Subscribed 
  6. Last Website Visit: Visited Between 07/01/2020 and 10/31/2020 


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