Font Sources

Font sources are how you can import free fonts from Google or paid fonts from Adobe Typekit.

Uploading Fonts From Google:

Video Walkthrough:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the font or fonts you would like to use
  3. Click “Select This Style” on the page on Google of the font

4.  When the sidebar pops up saying “Selected Family”, you will see a “link” or “embed” option. If the sidebar doesn’t pop up, click the “Selected Families” button on the top right of your screen

5.  Select the “link” option and copy only the part of the code that starts with <link href…>

6.  Go to the “Font Sources” settings on your Curaytor Settings

7.  Click on “Add fonts source” - “link to font”
8.  Click the “+” sign
9.  Paste the code you copied from the Google Font

10.  Click “Save”
11.  Go to “Theme Settings” of your Curaytor Settings

12.  Scroll down to “Font Family”

13.  Click “Edit” next to either the Primary Font or Secondary Font (whichever one you would like the new font to be)
14.  Select your font from the list

Uploading Fonts From Adobe:

Video Walkthrough:

  1. Go to (you will need an Adobe membership to add any Adobe fonts)
  2. Find the font you would like to add to your Curaytor platform
  3. Click on the font to go to it’s page
  4. Click “</> Add To Web Project” 

5.  Create a new web project for your Curaytor site or add to an existing one you have already created
6.  Repeat this process for any other fonts you would like to add to your site (make sure you add them all to the same web project)
7.  Go to “My Adobe Fonts”

8.  Click on “Web Projects”

9.  Find the web project you saved your fonts to
10.  Copy the “Embed Project” code

11.  Log into your Curaytor Platform
12.  Go to your Global Settings

13.  Go to “Font Sources”

14.  Click “Add Fonts Source”
15.  Click “Adobe Fonts (Typekit)”
16.  Past the code you copied from Adobe into this field
17.  Click “Save”
18.  Refresh the page
19.  Go to “Theme Settings”

20.  Scroll down to “Font Family”
21.  Click “Edit” on either the Primary or Secondary Font (whichever one you’d like to use a new font for)
22.  Find your font from the list (The new fonts you just added will appear at the bottom of the list)