What are Smart Plans

  • Lead nurturing feature consisting of email drip campaigns that allow you to engage with your leads on a continuous basis

  • Series of steps that help you re-engage with leads

  • A way to automate your business so that you do not have to manually send emails, texts, etc. to nurture your leads

  • Gives you more time for other tasks you might have to do throughout your day

Creating a smart plan (customization)

When you launch with Accelerator we will automatically add and turn on Accelerator Smart plans that work in conjunction with the AI assistant to follow up and nurture leads. If you would like to create/customize smart pans follow the instructions below:

  1. Creating a smart plan - how to video

  2. Navigate to Smart Plans underneath Gear icon in Chime

3. Select the type of plan you might want (Standard Plan is flexible enough for any situation) and select “Start.”

4. Insert plan name (doesn’t matter what you name it – only you will see it, not leads).

5. Application Conditions – tells the Smart Plan when to take action/start.

6. Auto Pause When – allows you to stop the flow of emails, calls, texts, etc. based on the criteria you determine.

7. Create Steps (refer to above video).

8. When plan ends, automatically move leads to: ________.

9. Click Save in upper right hand corner.

10. Takes you back to a screen where you must toggle on “Auto-Apply” for Smart Plans to begin.

Advanced: Checklists

You can develop Checklists for your agents using Smart Plans (refer to this portion of video for how to do so).

Smart Plans FAQ

To view frequently asked questions regarding smart plans click here.

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