What is the AI Assistant?

Purpose: The AI Assistant will benefit your real estate business in the following ways:

  1. Shorten the time to first response. New leads and website visitors will be engaged by the AI Assistant via website chat and text message and within one minute--drastically reducing the chance of losing a lead to a competitor when you aren’t available.

  2. Help you focus on the most valuable leads first. The AI Assistant takes over the task of qualifying new leads so that you will be notified when there are serious leads ready to engage. The AI Assistant will also update lead preferences based on their responses to improve long-term nurturing. Leads with the wrong number or who are not interested will also be tagged as such.

AI Assistant features to know about

  1. AI will engage with leads within 2 minutes

  2. AI is active from about 8am-6pm and will qualify leads created during inactive hours when back to active.

  3. AI asks questions about price range, how many bedrooms, email address, buying/selling preferences, contact info (all built in Google’s Machine Learning Platform).

  4. You can train your AI if you do not like how it is responding to potential leads by navigating to the following:

5. You can take over the chat at anytime.

6. New AI Leads come through Notifications panel on right hand side

7. All Leads that are contacted by the AI Assistant will be added to a Group on the left hand side called “AI Contacted”

  • Allows you to easily find leads that have been worked by the AI

8. On left hand side of a leads profile details, you can see all the properties they might be interested in based on the information gathered by the AI Assistant

How the AI follows up with existing leads

It will follow up if…

  • Lead opened property alert emails, but has not clicked the links in the email

  • Lead went back to the site with incomplete search criteria

  • Lead went back to the site and makes a request that triggers as an opportunity (see article for more in-depth info)

Chime will send text messages to the ASSIGNED AGENT’S phone number to notify them that a lead is ready to be engaged with.

For additional information on the AI Assistant be sure to reference this Help Article.

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