Adroll Overview

  • Purpose: Adroll’s main objective is to focus on branding and brand awareness. Commonly known as display or banner ads, Adroll campaigns display across the web, increasing your brand recall and brand affinity.

  • Lead Capture: Lead capture is not the objective for Adroll, however, we do have a unique Home Value page with the source "CuraytorAdroll" for any leads that may come in through that ad.

  • Audience: There are two campaigns - one that focuses on the top of the funnel (geographic targeting or "farming") and on the focuses on the middle of the funnel (retargeting).

  • Lead Source (if applicable): CuraytorAdroll

Types of Campaigns

Farming Campaign: top of funnel, covering main areas/zips

Retargeting Campaign: middle of the funnel, covering site traffic & CRM database

Ad Examples

We focus on driving traffic to 5 different landing pages --

  • About or Schedule

  • Testimonials

  • Home Value

  • Search Page

  • Marketing

*If you have a page on your site that you want to use instead of one of the standard 5 you can request to replace an existing campaign with that page!

Here are a few examples of what these campaigns look like:

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