Neighborhood Lead Ad Overview

  • Purpose: lead generation through ad campaigns that highlight a specific area and price range

  • Lead Capture: leads are captured through a Facebook lead form and the pushed directly to your CRM.

  • Audience: these ads are geared toward buyers and focus on the top of the funnel traffic.
    Note: although this campaign is geared towards buyers, one of the qualifying questions asked on the lead form is "Do you need to sell before you buy?". This helps identify seller leads.

  • Lead Source in your CRM: CuraytorLeadAd

Ad Examples

Here are a few example of what these campaigns look like:

Facebook lead forms from Neighborhood Lead Ads

When a lead click on the campaign they are brought to a lead form that looks something like this:




What are the questions on the lead form?

  1. Within how many months do you plan to buy a home?
    Answers: 0-3 Months, 2-6 Months, 6-12 Months, 12+ Months, Just Looking

  2. Are you a first-time home buyer?
    Answers: Yes, No

  3. Email

  4. Full Name

  5. Phone Number

What happens when a lead submits the lead form?

The lead will flow into Chime with the following information:

  • Source: CuraytorLeadAd

  • Tags: Buyer Traffic, [Neighborhood & Price Range]

  • Answers to Questions: Buying time frame, Need to sell

* If FUB is your primary CRM the lead will then flow from Chime over into FUB, however not all of these information (like buying timeframe and intent to sell) will transfer into FUB.

Here is an example of the details section of a leads profile in Chime:

Landing pages for Neighborhood Ads

Once a lead fills out the lead form they are brought to a specific landing page based on the ads area and price range criteria. They can be found directly in your Chime CRM in the landing page section:

*Please do not edit these landing pages as they may interfere with the campaigns running. If you have questions regarding the landing pages please reach out to your CSM directly.

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