Can I set up lead routing with Accelerator leads?

Yes. Here is an in-depth article on setting up lead routing within Chime.

Why would a lead not go through lead routing?

There are four different reasons as to why a lead will not go through lead routing:

(a) Private leads will not go through lead routing. Reference Lead Privacy: Team Leads vs. Private Leads for more information on the difference. Only Team Leads are sent through lead routing.

(b) Leads that are added manually will not go through lead routing. If you are adding a lead via this option in Chime, it will not be sent through lead routing:

(c) If one of the checkboxes in the lead routing settings is not checked, new leads that fall into that category will not be sent through lead routing. Note: The routing log (see Lead Routing Logs) will show "N: option unmatched" in this scenario.

(d) The "Assigned to the listing agent" switch is turned on. When the button is ON, if a new lead enters Chime from a listing on the team IDX website, the lead will automatically be assigned to the listing agent for that specific listing.

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