Where do I see the leads buying timeframe and intent to sell?

You can see the Lead's buying timeframe and intent to sell on the left hand column under the profile details.

How do I apply or update property alerts?

Property alerts are automatically set based on the search criteria in the lead's profile (this criteria will match that of the ad they registered on). You can edit or delete property alerts under the "Engagement" tab within the lead's profile.

How can I tell if a smart plan is active?

In the lead profile under Smart Plans you will be able to see what smart plans are running.

How can I tell if the AI is attempting to contact the lead?

Within the lead profile you can look to see if the AI is attempting contact with a lead. If the AI has reached out to the lead and is now following that lead to try to start a conversation you will see "This lead is being followed up by the AI Assistant" on the top of the lead's profile.

You can also see all leads that the AI has contacted by looking at the "AI Contacted" Group under the People section.

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