Will smart plans interfere with the AI Assistant

No. There are smart plans added to your Chime CRM specifically for your Accelerator leads. These will ensure your leads are added to smart plans only if the leads meets the Smart Plan requirements. To be added to the smart plans the AI must indicated that there has been no response from the lead, or that the lead has indicated that they are just looking. If the AI assistant indicates a lead is qualified, they are not added to a smart plan because this lead should be followed up with directly by a CSM.

How do I edit/update the Smart Plans?

Smart plans can be edited by going to the smart plans section under the settings tab and clicking on the gear icon next to the smart plan you are looking to edit.

Are smart plans applied to all Accelerator leads?

Smart plans are applied to Accelerator leads that have been identified by the AI Assistant to be just looking or if the lead does no respond to the AI. This is because if the AI assistant identifies a lead as interested, the assigned agent should be reaching out to that lead directly, rather than being placed on a long term smart plan.

Is there a way to resubscribe leads to Smart Plans if the lead has accidentally unsubscribed?

To resubscribe for the lead, go to Lead Profile > Smart Plans > Click on the gear icon at the top right. This switch was previously locked. Now, it can be turned back on to resubscribe the lead to Smart Plans.

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