What should I do with the Smart Plans if I enable the AI Assistant?

Initial Smart Plans (especially those with auto texts) should likely be disabled if you have the AI Assistant turned on to avoid confusion. The Accelerator Smart Plans were created to avoid confusion and over communication with leads. The AI Assistant will add tags to leads depending on their behavior during the conversation and these tags are used to trigger a Smart Plan to follow up according to the tag.

Will the AI Assistant make mistakes?

The AI Assistant works as your everyday assistant by using machine learning and natural language processing technologies. In general, it works in the following steps:(a) comprehend end-user’s conversation, (b) match end-user’s conversation with the "intent" the AI Assistant can recognize, (c) trigger responses or actions according to the matching results. To make the AI Assistant understand, capture, and process your leads better, we taught it what to say and how to behave in many common scenarios. Mistakes may occur when the AI Assistant encounters some "intents" that it has not yet learned yet. Or, like us human beings, the AI Assistant may misunderstand the end-user's intent and then offer responses that do not match their expectation.

The behavior of the AI Assistant is monitored by the Chime system. When it is found incompetent, the AI Assistant will go through some targeted learning processes. By continuing to learn, the AI Assistant will be able to react in more and more circumstances.

It is important to note that the AI Assistant may not always sound exactly like a real person. We invite you to provide feedback via your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team for scenarios not yet recognized by the AI Assistant so that it can learn and improve constantly.

At what point is a lead considered "engaged"?

The AI Assistant packages are based on the number of "engaged" leads. A lead is considered "engaged" if they respond to one message (via text message or via website chat).

What happens when the limit on the number of available engagements is reached?

If using the "Premium" package, a specific cap can be set or engagements can continue without a limit. Otherwise, AI Assistant engagement will stop. As a reminder, an "engagement" is when a lead responds to one message sent by the AI Assistant. Without available engagements to use, the AI Assistant will no longer respond via text message or website chat. On the site, the standard chat box will appear.

Can you choose who the AI Assistant responds?

No, however you can train the AI based on its responses to improve the further conversations.

What does "Train the AI" do and how does it work?

A very useful feature for the AI Assistant is the ability to provide feedback on individual messages that it has sent. Chime can use this tool to submit feedback to the Chime Tech Team and help to improve the types of messages that are sent and help the AI Assistant learn and improve. Because the AI Assistant is built with the Natural Language Process and Machine Learning, all feedback provided is extremely valuable to the process of building powerful responses.

How do I monitor the AI Assistant?

The AI Assistant is designed to notify agents when a conversations is out of their scope or making great progress and ready for agent involvement. If you want to make sure things are going well, you can monitor the active leads that the AI Assistant is working on qualifying.

A few notes regarding permissions:

  • All users have access to monitor conversations of leads ASSIGNED TO THEM on the chat list and the lead detail page

  • The Team Owner/Admin or users with “Access All Team Leads” permission are only able to monitor conversations in the lead detail page, but it is not visible on their chat list.

To monitor conversations, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Chat" bubble in the bottom-right of the screen:

2. Click on "AI Assistant Following":

3. Click on a conversation to access:

Can I stop the AI from engaging with a lead?

You can "Mute" the conversation which keeps the AI Assistant from qualifying the lead. When clicking the "Mute" option, you are actually stopping the AI Assistant. You are not able to resume communication from the AI Assistant to the lead after clicking "Mute."

What are the various AI tags added to a lead profile and what do they mean?

How do I get notified when the AI interacts with a lead? (chime help article)

These are triggered when the AI Assistant finds a hot lead that matches the following situations:

  • A seller lead has accepted an appointment for home evaluation. "_______ hasaccepted an appointment for home evaluation. Please call the lead ASAP."

  • A lead has requested a phone call. "__________ is asking for a call. Please call the lead ASAP."

  • A lead is interested in viewing a property in person as suggested by AI Assistant. "_____________ is interested in a showing. Please call the lead ASAP."

  • A lead is on a short timeframe. "____________ is planning on buying a property in 2 months. Please follow up immediately."

  • A lead asks for a showing. "______________ is requesting showing. Please call the lead ASAP."

  • A lead has requested to make an offer. "_____________ is requesting to make an offer. Please call the lead ASAP."

  • A seller lead wants to sell their property. "_______________ wants to sell his/her property. Please call this lead ASAP."

NOTE: You will find these in the Opportunities tab in your Chime CRM

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