What is the best way to manage my leads if my main CRM is Chime?

You will find Accelerator saved filters in your account under the people tab. One filter shows all Accelerator leads and the other shows all leads that indicated they have a home to sell before they buy. If prospecting daily, the best place to start is with new leads. Once you've tackled those, move onto those that have identified as a potential seller. Once you've reached out to all of those, filter your "Accelerator Leads" by lead score. Lead score mainly consists of five metrics: Home Price, Time Frame, Contact Validity, Communication, and Web Activities. This will help you prioritize leads that are showing the highest intent.

What is the best way to manage my leads if my main CRM is FUB?

If you are using FUB as your main CRM, there will be limited visibility into the leads activity. You can still see the lead source and what ad the leads registered on, however in order to see more details about the lead, you will need to view their profile in Chime. The Chime to FUB email parsing makes this relatively easy. Simply click on "view email" within the lead profile and you will see a preview of the lead with more information and the ability to open that lead's profile in Chime to view all activity.

I want to switch from FUB to Chime? How do I go about this?

If you are looking to change from FUB to Chime CRM, our team will assist with the whole process. Simply fill out this form and we will reach out with next steps.

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