How do you define higher quality leads that are easier to convert?

High quality:

  • Information capturing (time frame, intent to sell)

  • Detailed targeting

  • Tailored messaging and copy

  • Area & price point indication of quality

Easier to convert:

  • Automation post capture

  • Listing alerts

  • AI assistant

  • Relevant ads personalized to leads search experience

  • Build brand awareness

What are the different campaigns in Accelerator?

Facebook Neighborhood Lead Ads

CRM Lead Source: CuraytorLeadAd

Facebook Neighborhood Lead Ads focus on highlighting a specific area, price range, and/or home features. Leads are captured through a lead form created on Facebook. These ads are geared toward buyers and focus on the top of the funnel traffic.

Facebook "All Listings" Lead Ad

CRM Lead Source: CuraytorPropertyLeadAd

Facebook "All Listings" Lead Ads display your team's current listings in a carousel-style and also capture leads through a lead form created on Facebook. These ads are geared toward buyers and focus on the top of the funnel traffic.

Chime Dynamic Lead Ads

CRM Lead Source: Chime Paid Lead

Chime Dynamic Ads pull listings (not necessarily your own) directly from your MLS, in an effort to continue driving traffic back to your team's search page. The listings that appear in these ads change as the listings go on and off the market. These ads are geared toward buyers and focus on the top of the funnel traffic. But 20% of ad budget focuses on retargeting those that have already searched for homes on your website. The homes that appear on these ads will match the criteria they previously searched for.

Adroll Farming & Retargeting Ads

Unlike other channels, Adroll’s main objective is to focus on branding and brand awareness. Commonly know as display or banner ads, Adroll campaigns display across the web, increasing your brand recall and brand affinity. These ads are geared toward both buyers and sellers and focus on the top of the funnel (geographic targeting or "farming") and middle of the funnel (retargeting).

How is the ad spend broken down?

What are the different lead source for the Accelerator Campaigns?

  • Facebook Neighborhood Lead Ads: CuraytorLeadAd

  • Facebook "All Listings" Lead Ad: CuraytorPropertyLeadAd

  • Chime Dynamic Lead Ads: Chime Paid Lead

  • Adroll Farming & Retargeting Ads : N/A

How often are campaigns update?

The "All Active" Listing Campaign is updated weekly to ensure your newest listings are being displayed on Facebook. The Facebook Neighborhood Lead Campaign consists of 3 ads that have multiple image and copy variations to avoid ad fatigue. During your quarterly business review with your CSM you will have the opportunity to make larger updates.

Requested updates outside of this (ex: new logo requiring new ad images/Adroll campaigns) can be made at any time for a $250 fee.

Who is being targeted? / What audience are you using?

These ads focus on targeting a combination of the Magic Million (top of funnel) audience as well as retargeting to your Chunky Middle (CRM, website traffic, FB traffic) audience. More specially, the Neighborhood Lead Ads and Active Listing Ad target the Magic Million. Chime Dynamic Ads and Adroll target both Magic Million and Chunky Middle.

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