Who is Accelerator right for?

Accelerator is for single agents, small teams or large teams looking to generate higher quality leads that are easier to convert. We will not only capture leads full name and email but we will also capture phone number, buying timeframe and intent to sell before they buy.

Accelerator is for someone looking to generate a lot of leads. We generated anywhere from 100-500+ leads per month for clients depending on ad spend, so it is important that in addition to the AI assistant that will be running, you or a member(s) of your team will be able to follow-up with these leads. Having a sales conversion plan is critical.

What is the difference between Accelerator and Marketer?

The Marketer Program focuses on branded marketing, producing content weekly in the form of blog posts, listing promotions, and emails marketing.

The Accelerator Program is true advertising geared toward running long term campaigns focusing on listings that generate high quality leads that are easier to convert.

I’m currently a Marketer client, should I switch to Marketer or keep both?

Marketer and Accelerator compliment each other very nicely. Marketer focuses on longer term branding with lead generation with blog posts and emails being promoted every single week. Accelerator focuses on advertising long-term campaigns and getting you the highest quality leads possible that make it easier to convert.

How much does Accelerator cost?

Accelerator has a one time set up fee of $999 and ongoing monthly management fee of $999. ($930 billed directly by Curaytor, $70 billed directly by Chime)

Does the cost of Accelerator include ad spend?

Ad spend is not included in the monthly cost of Accelerator. You can expect a recommended ad spend of anywhere from $1200-$2,250 depending on your team size and desired lead volume.

How do I know what ad spend budget is right for me?

Ad spend is depended on your team size and number of leads you are looking to generate. Below is what you can expect for lead volume based on the associated ad spend.

  • Single Agent budget ($1,200/month) = 150+ leads/month

  • Small Team budget ($1,710/month) = 220+ leads/month

  • Large Team budget ($2,250/month) = 350+ leads/month

What does the maintenance fee include?

With the maintenance fee you will receive monthly performance reports and have access to the exclusive Accelerator Facebook Mastermind Group. This fee also includes campaign monitoring and updating to ensure the best results possible. You will also have calls with your CSMs on a monthly basis to deep dive into your Curaytor account, including your Accelerator Campaigns.


What do I do if I want to increase my lead volume?

If you are looking to increase your lead volume, you will need to increase your ad spend. Simply reach out to your CSM letting them know how much you'd like to increase your daily budget by and they will work with the Accelerator team to increase your daily budget. The Accelerator team will examine your campaigns and increase the daily ad budget to the campaigns with the highest lead volume and lowest CPL.

What if I am getting too many leads and cannot manage them?

The AI assistant and smart plans are designed to help you follow up with leads in the event that you can't. However, if you are looking to follow up with each lead personally we can reduce the ad spend to decrease the number of leads generated.

I received a bill from Chime - what is this for?

You will receive a charge around the first of every month for the Dynamic ad spend. You will also be charged for the AI assistant and the any additional Chime CRM seats you may have.

I want to update/edit my Accelerator campaigns. What do I do?

You will receive a charge around the first of every month for the Dynamic ad spend. You will also be charged for the AI assistant and the any additional Chime CRM seats you may have.

How can I see the performance of my campaigns? / How do I know if Accelerator is working?

You will receive a monthly report that breaks down the performance of your campaigns. Your CSM will also receive this report monthly.

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