1) To begin the process of creating a blast, login to your Curaytor account

2) Click the blue "Create" button in upper right corner of your screen

3) Select "Create Email Campaign"

4) Select Text (Our basic text editor that you already know and love)
*other options, coming soon!

5) Using the Blast Editor, you will "compose" your email campaign

6) Add a Subject Line & then compose the body of your email.

NOTE: You can copy/paste a "pretty or smart link" from a Chime property page or from any other page on your Curaytor site, as well. You can also click on the text in the "pretty/smart link" thumbnail view to edit if you choose.

7) Be sure to send yourself a "Test" email to proofread and to see what the email will look like in your inbox, before scheduling or sending.

NOTE: To send a "Test" email to another email address, just type that email over the email that auto populates.

8) Now define your blast audience. You can search for an audience, or choose one from the drop down list and click the red "next step" button

9) Schedule or send your blast. IF you choose "send now", the email will be sent immediately. IF you choose "schedule" - you can choose a future date and time for the blast to be sent out.

10) NOTE: IF you choose the "schedule" option and click the red "schedule" button, you will get a verification summary of: your blast content, your audience selected, and that tracking is enabled for your email. Review and click the red "schedule" button in the summary and you're all set!

Be sure to check back after your blast has been sent to review the performance of your email campaign!

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