Creating manual (or custom) listings on your website can allow the property content to have a longer “shelf life” than it would otherwise have if it was only coming directly from the MLS. 

If you are in a market where coming soon advertising is permitted, this can be a great way for you to generate leads before a property even hits the market. Additionally, a manual listing will remain on your website even after the property has been sold, so you can use it to promote your recently sold properties, as well. 

Here are the exact steps you can follow to create a custom listing page on your Curaytor website 

1) Log into the Curaytor Platform using your personal login credentials 

2) On the left side Navigation Menu Bar, click on “Website button”  

3) Click on the red “Create Content” button

4) Find and click on the “Featured Listing” template

5) Edit the objects / + text within the template to customize for the property you’re promoting

6) Don’t forget to update the Page Settings (under the gear icon in the content editor) before finalizing the post

7) Preview the listing and make any necessary adjustments

8) Publish! 

*Please note: manual (or custom) listings that you create, via the custom listing template, can be linked in your site menu, site footer, to a CTA button, or by pasting the page URL as "pretty link" on another page or blog post, once published, on your website.

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