Creating blog posts on your website consistently allows you to build an archive of content that helps leads make informed decisions throughout the purchasing (or selling) process. Blogs help to build trust with consumers and establish your business as an expert in your field.

Here are the exact steps you can follow to create a new blog post on your Curaytor website — 

1) Log into the Curaytor Platform using your personal login credentials 

2) On the left side Navigation Menu Bar, click on “Website button” 

3) Click on the red “Create Content” button

4) Find and click on the “Blog post template”

5) Edit the objects / + text within the template for your post’s topic

6) Don’t forget to update the Page Settings (under the gear icon in the content editor) before finalizing the post

7) Preview the post and make any necessary adjustments

8) Publish your post! 

*Please note: when you publish a new blog post, it will automatically populate at the top of your blogroll on your platform (i.e. If you’d prefer that your post is hidden from the blogroll entirely, you can go back to the content roll, choose “Actions,” and click “Hide from site.” 

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