2 months ago, Chris and Jimmy published an open letter. They wanted you to know that we’re listening and that we’re actively working on creating the experience you’ve always wanted when working with Curaytor.

Excellence was full of big announcements that began to unveil exactly what we meant when we wrote that letter.

But, as Chris said on stage several times, change is hard. And change can be confusing.

So in the days ahead, starting right now, we’re going to do our utmost to reduce the confusion and provide clarity on all the things you want to get excited about but don’t quite know if you should yet (spoiler alert: you should).

Today’s message is all about Chime.

The reason we have partnered with Chime is to provide you with a beautiful, functional IDX integration with listing alerts.

If you missed Chris’ announcement, here’s the answer to a big question: every Curaytor client is getting a Chime account at no additional cost to their current Curaytor bill.

That means every Curaytor client will have access to Chime’s IDX solution and that every Curaytor client is getting Chime’s base-level, one-user CRM at no additional cost.

This doesn’t mean you need to adopt their CRM. What you do with it is up to you - we’re giving you a choice. Just like with Follow Up Boss, the more users you have in Chime, the more the cost rises. Unlike Follow Up Boss, your first user account with Chime costs nothing. 

If you’re thinking about switching, we will soon announce a webinar with Chime about this partnership. They will demo their CRM features, provide pricing details for their multi-user plans, and answer any of your additional questions, so you can make the right choice for you.

Let’s answer your other big questions:

Should you book a demo with Chime? No. We’ll be creating a training webinar with them in the near future so that you understand everything you want to know about this new partnership.

When will you have access? This integration will be rolled out based on MLS. We’ll have more information for you soon.

Do you need to create a Chime account? No. We will create your Chime account and build the template for your pages so that they closely mirror your Curaytor website for a seamless experience.

We’ll be in touch next week with more follow-up information about other announcements made at the conference. Until then, stay excellent.

-Steve & the Curaytor Team

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